I will scream this message until some people start to get it.

Marketing is NOT advertising. Marketing is not a website and Google ads.

Marketing IS is complete strategy to sell goods and services in the marketplace. A complete strategy. Got that?

Marketing will not move out-of-date, over-priced goods.

No strategy = no sales.

Sure, you can hit now and then. But if you do not define your place in the market, you are headed for doom.

Business is moving at a faster pace because your competitors in China can ramp up production and blow your business out of the water in WEEKS. WEEKS.

Cut expenses. Cut people. Cut advertising. Then coast until things get better.  There’s the American formula for failure.

MARKETING. Why is it that recommending a strategic plan almost always meets with smirks? Smirk while the ship sinks. That’s weird.

How do your products compare with the competition? How are your prices compared to your competition? What is your close rate?

If you can’t answer these questions NOW, tomorrow won’t be any better.

Chris Reich