I am very tired of dealing with business people facing serious consequences telling me, “it will all work out.”

The hell. That is a shallow, lousy excuse for not digging in and fixing what needs to be fixed even if you have no idea where to start!

Just start!

When facing a difficult time, you have the best chance of improving the outcome by taking action, not by hoping everything will simply work out.

Sure, keep your faith, that’s fine with me but get your butt in gear.

I’ve come to the conclusion recently that a big part of the economic trouble our country is in has a lot to do with American’s “wait for things to work out” attitude. Blame Obama. Blame Bush. Blame congress.

Well folks, we’re in some pretty deep stuff this time. We have huge deficits and a totally dysfunctional government. Our society is pretty screwed up too. People tell me they are proud of not having read a book since high school. I can’t even give books away!

Morality is Dead
People think it’s not only a wise decision but a fully ethical one to walk away from a mortgage if the amount owed exceeds the current appraised value. That’s called a strategic foreclosure. That is bullshit.

We are lazy.

We have to get off our butts, start doing the right thing, and stop waiting for things to just work out.

I refuse to surrender to the Chinese economy.

What about you? Do you believe your business could be doing better?

I do.

Chris Reich, TeachU
FW: 86 (Slow but sure)