Confusing Writing is Bad writes TeachUThis is a short and sweet Friday post.

I hope the right people read this. It could save a few businesses.

Seth Godin calls mixing things up badly a “Meatball Sundae”. That makes me a little nauseous every time I read it.

It goes something like this. “We’re the best in the business and dirt cheap!” “Our quality is the best and our prices are the lowest!” “We offer a fine dining experience of gourmet food available at our drive-though window.” “Are people are the smartest you can get because they have training by us and we care about there education.”

Every day I see examples of these. The business is trying to convey a specific message but their words send a mixed signal. The prospects see through it.

Bad grammar is pretty common these days. People will overlook some bad grammar as they might forgive “typos” or “haste”. But if they need a translator to make sense of what is being written, the prospects flee. PEOPLE ARE REPELLED BY VERY POOR GRAMMAR.

We all understand that you cannot get the best quality at the cheapest price. There is always demand for the best and price is not a significant factor when buying quality.

You will see a LEXUS ad stating, “There has never been a better time to buy a LEXUS” but you won’t ever hear an ad that says, “Compare us with Yugo! We are the best and cheap!”

Get your message right and you will see immediate improvement in your website’s conversion rate.

Have a professional review your grammar. That act of humility could save you thousands of wasted advertising dollars.

Maybe you think you don’t need help with grammar. That is the most common sign that help is needed.

Chris Reich, TeachU

PS— I just received an email: “Your Pre-Approved for a VISA Account!”  Yeah, I’m going to call…