I’d rather eat it.
Corn futures hit a 12 year high today on speculation that more of the precious commodity would be needed to make alternative fuels. (AP)
Is it not insanity to use a nation’s food supply to keep cars running? 
For what? Corn doesn’t make a particularly efficient fuel. Ethanol is around 20% less efficient than oil. It’s still carbon based and thus will continue the cycle of pollution and contribution to carbon in the atmosphere. And there are studies indicating the pollutants caused by burning ethanol may be more harmful to health than burning gasoline.
For this we are willing to convert our food supply into something we can burn in our cars? Before you get behind this madness, take a look at the ingredients of most products in the super market. Note how many items contain a corn product. Consider how much more you are willing to pay for food to reduce the price of gasoline by 20 cents.
Then take a look at who controls the U.S. corn crop.
Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog
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