So I created an entirely new and (I thought) original look for my website. I spent a LOT of hours on it. Then I paid for a crowd source review and it got very bad reviews. Very bad. What I thought was edgy and original was rated pretty unanimously by a very large sample as crap. Crap. Ouch.

So I stayed up very late last night and personally thanked every single person who wrote a bad review. That was everyone. A large sample. A large sample.

Then I did the best I could in a few hours and being very tired to fix the biggest problems pointed out. Even though I was deflated, I was thrilled to get honest feedback. And I am proud to have the fortitude to write each person individually and thank them. And after that, working to make it better.

We have to take chances to reach new places. Sometimes that means failure. I failed. I really failed.

I post this because we don’t get to hear about failure enough.

So there you have a failure story.

Notice what I did with it. Watch what I do with it.

Chris Reich,
FW: 89 (Until I get this site fixed!)