I am recommending the best book on the subject of thinking I have ever read. I’ve come across many of the concepts covered in this book in other books, but this one is a great read and brings the important flaws in our thinking into one book. It’s filled with very interesting examples too!

People don’t read much these days. Too bad. I’d bet there is at least one thought in this book that could improve your business. Isn’t that worth a few bucks and a little time?

You can’t say that you want things to get better or that you want the recession to end if you can’t spend 15 minutes a day to read this book. It’s well-written, enjoyable and very informative. And you will benefit more from reading this book than just about any other way you’ll waste the 15 minutes. So what if it takes you 6 months to finish it? 15 minutes. But I’ll bet you want to go longer.

Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog
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