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Should You Get Outside Help with Your Partnership Problems?

Problems with your business partner add plenty of stress to your life. So why not get an outside perspective before the situation gets out of control?

What Are the Objections to Getting Partnership Help?

Dealing with business partnership issues is very delicate and personal work. In a 50/50 partnership, I have the interests of many parties to protect. We don’t want to disrupt the business, spark a bigger dispute, or cause more stress. Unlike an attorney, I function on the side of the business to help both parties agree on specific solutions. If the partners DO what they agree to DO, positive results invariably follow. So why would anyone object to reaching out for guidance?

Let’s look at the objections I hear and what I tell people who call me.

Why You Must Get Help with Your Partnership Dispute

I understand the hesitation to bring a stranger into your partnership tension but I know things can be better for you.

Chris Reich, TeachU

But I Don’t Know You…

True. That’s why all work begins with a free consultation. That’s the way I supposed to answer, right? The truth is much deeper.

When someone says, “free consultation”, they usually mean, “come in for a free sales pitch.” Not me. Your free consult is your time to explain your situation and ask me questions. I won’t talk at you for 15 minutes and then ask for money. I listen for as long as you care to talk. I answer your questions. You will not feel rushed. It’s no sales pitch.

You need enough time to see if you are comfortable with me and to get a sense of whether I understand your issues. And, I too need to get a feel for whether I should work with you. I can’t take every case. Some situations are so out of balance that I cannot get involved. And, frankly, there are people who are the source of the problems and looking for a way to take advantage of their business partner. Our conversation will give us both plenty of time to get a picture of how we’ll work together.

It really is a free consultation because I will not limit your time and I will answer your questions.

But I Cannot Afford You…

The cost of not getting advice on your partnership tensions could take your business down. That happens every day. Partners get in a little squabble. Tension builds. Something snaps. Boom, you’re in a full-on dispute with lawyers and out-of-control expenses.

If you get a lawyer, your partner will need a lawyer. At $250 an hour and up (times 2!), it gets very expensive very quickly. I charge less than a lawyer though I shouldn’t. And I work to help the business and all the partners work things through to a solution. That saves you thousands of dollars. As a bonus, the solutions I bring will also help your business. If you follow through with the advice I give, you will make more money in addition to getting your partnership tensions under control. Can you afford to make more money?

“Of course the cost of getting partnership advice matters. But where else will you get specific action items to make more money as well as get your partnership issues resolved? Do what I tell you to do and your return will far exceed the cost.”

But My Partner Will Never Agree…

Until we talk, I cannot address that because I need to understand your situation. I can tell you that it is very rare that a partner won’t talk with me. And, once I’ve talked with all partners, and everybody sees that I am working to protect the business, you own golden goose, the emotional temperature immediately goes down.

I do everything possible to keep everyone out of a fight. That’s a very unusual approach. No matter who calls me, I work for all parties to reach peaceful agreements. Why take chances with a battle when you can avoid the fight?

But Things Are So Bad I Can No Longer Work With My Partner…

We have to be honest with ourselves. There are times when the situation is beyond repair. That’s the main reason I urge people to act as soon as tension arises. If the relationship is beyond repair, I can help you or your partner reach an agreement on separation. That takes real work and experienced creative thinking. Having me guide the process is far faster and far cheaper than fighting it out in court. And it’s a lot better than simply walking away from your business.

If There Are No Further Objections…

Let’s all work together to get your partnership tensions cleared up. And while we are at it, let’s look at ways your business can make more money.

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