It Might Be a Good Idea to Advertise on Facebook

And It Might Be a Waste of Money

How can you decide if it’s worth it for your business? Think about this. Facebook ads are not driven by the audience’s desire for your offer. Google Ads show up when people look for your item or service. Facebook ads are considerably more random.

All advertising plans must start by considering your target audience and then looking at the group your advertising will reach. Is your desired audience on Facebook? If so, do your ideal customers interact on Facebook?

My ideal audience is made up of people like you. Business owners and executives. That group is on Facebook because their kids and friends are there. But they are not active on Facebook and will not click ads or seek services on Facebook. If you sell a new type of flashlight, your customers are on Facebook.  See the difference?

Advertising is one of the easiest ways to waste money. We buy a dream that seldom comes true. Advertising is not the means to success. Advertising adds to success. If you aren’t getting sales now, advertising won’t explode your sales. This is especially true if you advertise where the interest in your offer is low.

What to do? Start by boosting your position in organic search. If you hit page one of search, you’re on your way. How to do that? Contact me and I’ll offer you some free tips.

Chris Reich,