Do you know what that means?  You should. It can determine the fate of your business.


So what and how how does that apply to business?

OK. I have a 15 pound bowling ball. I rest it gently on a glass table. There it sits. The mass is 15 pounds. Nothing is happening. Dull.

Now, if I lift that same bowling to 20 feet above the glass table and release it, what will happen? Of course! The ball will blast through the glass table easily! The same ball has a lot more force if I add a little acceleration.

Your business has a mass too. It has a size and weight. Come on, use your imagination. Think about it.

To increase the force your business has on the market, you can increase the mass (get bigger) or increase your acceleration (get moving).

It’s a lot cheaper to increase the motion (acceleration) of your business than it is to expand. And, if you increase acceleration, you greatly increase your force! Your business can smash through any barrier!

No consider this. The bigger something is, the harder it is to put it in motion. That means if your business is small, it’s easy to achieve acceleration and therefore increase your force in the market! You have an edge over the big guys.

I see a lot of balls just sitting on tables. Why?

Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog (and creator of the physics of business)
[email protected]