There is a presidential debate tonight. This is an excellent opportunity to do some market research. You will notice that people will hear what they want to hear. Answers will be manipulated to fit what each person already believes and the perceived winner will be the one each person favored before the debate. THINK ABOUT HOW THIS APPLIES TO BUSINESS.

This is very valuable information and needs to be part of your strategy. When you sell, do you tell people what you know they want to hear or what YOU want to tell them? I’m not saying to be dishonest. But I am saying not to bother with details people do not want or to bother with people who have their mind made up. It’s easier to sell to believers in what you do than to change people’s minds.

For example, I am a business consultant. If someone hates consultants, I am wasting my time trying to persuade them to hire me. But, if someone sees value in an outside opinion, my time is spent explaining how my approach is different. Better for us both.


Chris Reich,,,