It’s now 2007. We know how disease is spread. Unless you live in a cave you also know food servers are among the lowest paid workers in the labor force.
That said, do you really want a 17 year old kid putting your next burger together with his bare hands?
Frankly, if an establishment allows anyone to handle your food without gloves, you shouldn’t eat there. Period. It’s terrible neglict and there is no excuse. Food service gloves are cheap.
And if your business serves food and you require your people to wear gloves, you should be supported. Thank you.
Restaurants fail every day. A positive business step would be showing your customers that you care about them—let them see your people wearing gloves. Let your customers see your people changing those gloves.
I can’t believe that restaurant owners are too stupid to realize that their customers don’t notice the hands of the people handling their food. Well?
Paying attention McDonalds?
Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog