Be a Super Hero.
In fact, be whatever you want to be. People are always telling me about their limitations or why they don’t attempt more challenging pursuits. “I’m not good at that,” is the common answer.
I hear often from people with business ideas who tell me they are no good at business. So they never try out their ideas. Few people are good at “business”.
The vast majority of people who ARE good business will kill a business. It’s like a chef saying, “I’m not good at making frying pans.” Who cares?! Can you cook? The business “experts” can make a frying pan or design a menu but couldn’t serve a bowl of cold cereal. Don’t confuse being good at business with being good at business.
If you can think, you can learn. We live in the “information age”, right? Not good with computers? Read a book, take a class, do a project. You’ll learn. Reinvent yourself. You don’t have to be the “quiet one” or the one who always goes along without challenging the way things are done.
You’re not missing talent, you lack courage. Sorry, it’s true. You just need the guts to act. If you do nothing, you can’t fail. Big deal. You can’t succeed either. If you decide to be creative and try something different, you might fail. But you might succeed.
Reinvent yourself. Start today. Pick something you are not good at and get to work on it. Not good with new creative programs but want to change the way things are done? Pick up a book or talk to an expert (shameless) to get some ideas. Just act!
And if your new identity doesn’t work, create another. You had better get to work on being the focus of your own biography.
Here’s something to think about. Have you ever had a very vivid, full-color dream? Maybe it scared the hell out of you? Or maybe it was fun? Or just weird? Consider that the sets, characters and complete screenplay was designed and shot from entirely inside your head. All of it.
Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog