If things are a bit tense at your business, as seems to be everywhere because of so many reasons, you can greatly ease tension which will reduce error and accelerate processes.

The good news is that you can have this hugely positive effect on your business by doing something very simple. You will see results immediately too. And pressure will ease.

Please, you have to just trust me on this. Deal?

You can either gather up your key people into a meeting, or, better, a lot better, get up out of your chair and go see each key member of your organization and tell them that you understand that they are under a lot of pressure and that you appreciate the work they are doing. Let them know that things will get better. Then end by saying “thank you, [name]”.

Don’t dismiss this as trifle. It might be the most important management act you ever do. In some cases, it could save the business. (It has in the past saved many businesses)

It will greatly relieve stress for your people to know they are not ‘on the block’. And those words, “Thank You” are priceless when people are under a lot of stress.

Go do it.

You won’t regret it.  And if you can’t bring yourself to do this simple thing for the people who work for you? Well, pride is deadly.

Chris Reich