Resolve to do Better This Year

Make Just One Resolution and Your Business Will Do Better If…

…You Follow Through with Action

It’s time again to make resolutions we probably won’t keep. I recommend that rather than make a list of new disciplinary actions to self-impose, make this one resolution.

Resolve to have a better business year. Make that single resolution and then follow through with a couple things to help reach that goal. You can do this.

I like to learn new things that add value to the work I do. For example, I decided to make some new videos that might help you grow your business. That meant creating an intro that could be used for each video. At first, I thought about having an intro created. After digging around in my video editing software, I managed to create a pretty neat 20 second intro. It was an educational experience as well. Adding new skills keeps me ahead of others in my field.

You can decide to learn a few new things this year. You might decide to improve your customer service. You can look for ways to enhance your customer’s experience with your business. You can add a service or product to your lineup. You might set a weekly schedule to review and tune your website. You might make a cleaning schedule for your facility rather than wait until cleaning is needed. You might set a budget for the next 3 months. You might look for ways to cut time from a time-consuming task. You know what needs to be done. You know what you can do better. Resolve to do it.

Here’s one thing that will hurt your business if you don’t do it. It’s simple and it matters. Change the copyright year on the footer of your website! If I’m looking for a product or service and see they haven’t updated that since 2006, I go elsewhere. Easy.

Have a fantastic 2018!

Chris Reich, TeachU

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The first step toward having a better business year is deciding to have a better business year. Taking one step toward a desitination won’t get you there, however. You also must set a few steps that will add to your business success.