UNlike Facebook 
I’ve long preached that this is not only a waste of time—and time is money—but a waste of hard cash as well.
What? Social media.
Here’s the pitch. You must participate in social media. Social media can do wonders for your business. Social media allows your customers to interact and bond with your business. Your customers will fall madly in love with your business if you play with them on Facebook.
That’s a load of nonsense.
Why do most people go to social media such as Facebook to interact with a business?
Why? Because most businesses don’t answer the phone. The customers are using the only means they have to get through.
“If your service doesn’t stink, you don’t need Facebook or Twitter.” Quote me! Chris Reich, TeachU
By the way, Facebook may be on its way out. Read the study.
Spend your money on improving your service.
Chris Reich, TeachU