Thoughts for the day…

It’s summer. Things have slowed from the slow we were getting used to, to slower.

So, while we’ve got some time on our hands, rather than panic, let’s focus.

If something you’re doing is not working, stop doing it. Hard to do because of what’s invested, right? But stop. If it is not working by now, it won’t. Stop. Cut your losses and put time and resources on something else. Anything else.

Got that? If you offer 20 things but you never, hardly ever get any business for one of those things, eliminate that thing from your line card, website and sales offering. Yes. Dump that thing that never sells. Cut it completely from the website.  And no, it’s not that you haven’t found the magic words, it’s not going to sell. Stop.


There is a new wave coming and it’s going to catch nearly everyone by surprise. The U.S. is going to start making things and people are going to buy, want to buy, American made goods. Got that? It’s true. If you make a product in the U.S. you will see your business improve.

#1 People are getting nervous about the deficit and the sluggish economy. Most realize that the way out is through work, not Wall Street. We have to create taxable value.
#2 This mini depression is so depressing that people want to get up and do something. Business owners want to make things here. 
#3 People are sick of seeing “Made in China” on everything they buy and thank GOD for that. It’s about time.

Back to quality. If you don’t produce goods better than than our Chinese friends are making now, the backlash will be devastating to your company. Why? Think. If people are willing to pay more to get better but end up with the same crap, they won’t be your customers for long. The “crap tolerance” is heading for an all-time low. FIX YOUR QUALITY ISSUES.

If you are in a service business, improve your service. WAY improve your service.

Are you getting this down? Print it. Hang it on the wall to remind you.

Invest what you can in improving yourself, your talent and your offerings.

Read a book, watch a DVD, listen to a book, take a class, start a think tank at your business (I’d LOVE to help with that)—whatever it takes to get YOU, then your TALENT, SMARTER. Yes, SMARTER. GET SMARTER. Need recommendations? Call me. I’m more than happy to just stimulate your thinking. FREE. No charge.

Why? Because I want the home team to win. I’m sick of everything I buy stamped “Made in China”. Frankly, I don’t even LIKE China. I’ll do whatever I can to help anyone I can add anything I can to seeing OUR economy drag down THEIR economy because WE are able to buy goods made in USA.

Call me. Unless you make your crap in China. Then I only want to hear from you if you want to move your manufacturing back home. And no, home isn’t Mexico but that’s still better than China.


Stop doing things that don’t work.
Improve your quality.
Improve yourself and your talent.
Improve your offering. (Improve your product)

Get to work. Things will pick up very soon. And you’re going to see some fantastic changes over the next two years if it’s not too late and if we are not too lazy and stupid.

What about you? Too late? Too lazy? Too stupid?

Or are you with me?

Chris Reich