When will American executives get their head out of their asses?The list of ways to kill morale is longer than the list of morale builders. It is far easier to kill than to build morale.

Nothing diminishes productivity as much as diminishing morale.

Nothing raises productivity as quickly and as cheaply as boosting morale.

It’s that simple.

How? How does one build morale? Well, that depends a lot on how deeply morale has sunk. But if caught in time, a simple “good job” will do wonders. Even if things don’t go as expected. “I know you worked really hard on that, sorry it didn’t go through. I know you’ll get the next one.”

Pretty easy.

I can hear you from here. “I don’t want to be responsible for everyone’s feelings. People should grow up. They shouldn’t need me to keep them going. I pay them, that should be enough.”

Dummy. It is enough. And they will keep working.

You could get more from your people. And, your work, and theirs, could be fun again.

And it won’t cost you anything.

Chris Reich

Was I shouting? Damn right.