We all mourn the death of customer service. From out-sourcing of support to outright failure to stand behind products, many companies simply thumb their nose at unhappy customers.

We feel that the internet has given us a degree of protection. Some companies are now manipulating that to distort our buying judgment. I know of one company (at least) that deletes bad reviews in order to present a rosey picture of satisfied customers. Watch this company’s (to be named later) Facebook page for a few hours and you’ll see the complaints flood in.

Well, some businesses care about their customers and some do not.

It’s a shame.

Foreign companies give better service today than many US companies. That’s more than a shame.

We want economic recovery. The government can’t do it.

If we want to get consumers to spend, we must correct service deficiencies or the sole purchasing criteria will be price.

Get on it.

Chris Reich, TeachU.com