BP made a boo boo in the Gulf of Mexico. The boo boo is going to possibly do irreversible damage to the oceans.

We know the oil is mixing with the sea water in concentrations we can measure but not see. We know the oil has reached land and is mixing into the mud of the marshlands. That can never be cleaned up.

We know the oil is still coming up and coming up fast.  We know the oil is spreading fast too. It will almost certainly reach the Everglades. It almost certainly will head up the east coast on the Atlantic current.

We know that BP cannot stop the flow—so far. We know they can not clean up the mess.

We know this is so bad that BP can’t possibly fix it. Ever.


Did you know that BP has a huge solar division right here in the U.S? Did you know that BP closed it’s manufacturing plant in Pennsylvania to save money?  Yup. They closed the plant making stuff and opened an office for selling stuff. People who sell stuff make less than people who make stuff. BP wants us to buy their stuff but they want to hire cheaper people to make the stuff they want to sell to us.

So here’s a thought for Mr. Hayward.

Re-open that plant in Pennsylvania. Build a few more plants here, in the U.S. 

Then, put up $2 Billion to build some big solar projects for Louisiana,  Mississippi and Florida. Hire and train U.S. workers to do the work. Did you know that BP has a solar installer training and certification program? They do.

Listen Mr. Hayward, BP can afford to do this. Maybe they should throw in $3 or $4 BILLION. The day will come when that will seem like such an inexpensive price to pay for the damage your company has done.

Mr. Hayward, you really need to get the focus off of BP Spill and get it on BP Solar.

Show us that BP really is ready to move “Beyond Petroleum”.  You can do this.

I’ll help you do it.

Chris Reich