We are just about half way through 2013. Memorial Day weekend represents a sort “half time” in the game. For many businesses, it gets tougher from now until late September. The holiday, graduations and vacations will slice into sales. Are you ready?

If the first half hasn’t been that great, the the third quarter is going to be rough.

Look for small improvements. Tune your website. Clean up your business. Organize your files. Delete old emails. Streamline. Communicate with your talent. Have some “I want your input” meetings. Learn to listen. If you are your business, invest in yourself.

Those small improvements will aggregate to big results.

Make sure that you and your talent are having fun at work. If there is no fun around your business, initiate some fun. Fun at work is essential to growth and survival. Essential.


Learn something new. Improve your profile on Linked-in. Establish a FaceBook presence for your business (maybe). Read a marketing book. Read any book. Encourage learning at your business by building a business library. Buy a few books on Amazon and give away on pay day. Smarter people are more productive. Invest in the education of your talent.

Try an online course or buy a course from “The Great Courses” (Teach12.com)

Have a great 3rd quarter.

Chris Reich, TeachU