Thank You for Pointing Out My Error

August 21, 2014

Don’t you just it love when you spend hours and countless hours or a pile of money building your website only to have some know-it-all take the time to write an email pointing out a spelling error?!!!

You should.

In fact, that person should be given the velvet rope treatment. “Certainly you are on the VIP list, come right in,” they must be told.

And I’m not kidding.

If a complete stranger makes it to your site, that is a good thing. It’s a great thing! If that stranger takes the time to read the message of your website, that’s another great thing!

But if that stranger takes the time to point out an error on your site, that’s beyond great.

I confess. When I tipe, I am very error prone. (Smiles)

Yes, I have many characteristics and talents of which I am very proud. But my mind moves a lot faster than my left hand. And it’s the left hand that does all my typing. True. I’ve taken typing, and I still type solely with my left hand. And I make mistakes.

So? What’s the big deal?

The claims on my website are pretty bold. I can improve your business or so I claim. I can change your life, make work fun and generate buckets of money for you.

And then you read a sentence like, “I can improve you business within 30 days.”  Ouch. There goes the credibility.

Anyone who writes knows that it’s best to have another set of eyes review the words. But we hard-driven, hard-working entrepreneurial types (thank god for spell check) don’t always have a proof-reader available at 2 a.m. when we do our “best” work.

Chris Reich of TeachU thanks all who find errors on my websites!Let’s go back to that person who takes the time to offer a correction. Accept it. Cherish it. Reward it. It’s a gift.

Listen! Don’t talk back to me! I won’t even hear about the one who just likes to find fault. So what?! Buck up Bucko.

Anyone who points out errors in my writing is welcome and appreciated.

I write back and thank the would be editor. (I do more than that if they’ll permit me)

Note: There is an allowable exception. The co-worker or relative (read that as ‘significant other’) who, after reading a blog post that took two hours to compose only offers, “you misspelled entrepreneuer,” be damned.

Did I just misspell entrepreneur?  I think I’ll go to the local restrant for coffee and a donut.

Chris Reich

Chris Reich

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