Writing good web copy is an art. Not everyone has the talent to write engaging content. However, butchering the English language is damaging to your business.

Sure, people make mistakes. There will be a skipped word or misspelling. These things happen.

Bad writing is deadly. As the bad writer beats the language to death, she also does grave harm to her website. Less discerning people will skip over unintelligible text. Those of higher levels of education will flee.

If you are starting a business, and writing your own copy, before you blame the color scheme for the failure of your website, have an editor review some of your writing. There are plenty of good editors online. Pay the price for a good one, not a FIVVER. The feedback may surprise you. It may even sting a little. It will also save you thousands of dollars because no amount of website pretty can cover bad grammar.

Do yourself a favor.

Chris Reich, TeachU