The economy remains stagnant regardless of the administrations claims of “job growth”. Margins are tight. Real income is actually shrinking. Costs are rising. What do we need to start the engine of growth? The answer is fairly simple but getting a society like ours to accept it is nearly impossible.
I was asked by a good friend to comment on an article about a clash of titans, Walmart and Amazon. The thrust of the article is about Walmart’s vast brick and mortar base giving them a big growth advantage over Amazon. Well, frankly Scarlett, I really don’t give a damn.
We won’t benefit from either of these companies winning the ultimate round of retail battle. We’ll end up with less choice, more ‘sameness’ and a lower wage economy.
I want to see diversity. I want choice. I am sick and tired of standardized everything. I want different to thrive.
Diversity is the key to getting this country moving, vibrant and exciting again. Diverse people, diverse cultures, diverse thinking, diverse ideas and diverse tastes being met by diverse businesses.
We need corporations. It’s not practical to launch a automobile manufacturer, airline, shipping company or space travel firm without the unlimited budget of a major corporation. Except there are dozens of small companies now making cars. Virgin Atlantic is the product of a one man dream. FEDEX was an idea presented as a Harvard business project and given a lousy grade for being impractical. There are a few private firms no competing to become the supplier to the International Space Station. These businesses are innovating.
Figuring out how to leverage a store in every county to make more money for a single company isn’t innovation.
Amazon WAS innovative. Walmart was original.
I want diversity. I don’t want more Walmart. And I don’t want Amazon to get bigger. I want YOUR business to survive against the strangulation of these greedy corporations.
We must embrace diversity. Unless you are happy with Taco Bell as Mexican food, Panda Express as Chinese and Olive Garden Italian, support diversity.
What can you do at your business? Encourage and foster diverse thinking. Don’t standardized every thought process. Encourage diverse thinking at your business. It might unleash the next big thing.
Chris Reich, TeachU