I’m going to keep this short so the point is not lost.
The most important order your business will EVER process is the first order from a new customer. The first-time buyer pays attention to details that your regulars overlook.
A lot of damage is done to your business if a new customer’s first experience with your company is negative. If he receives a wrong or defective item, his business senses kick up to DEFCON 3. He goes on alert. If he calls and can’t get a person, he moves to DEFCON 2. If he goes unanswered for 24 hours (as I have with a certain manufacturer) he goes to DEFCON 1—Full alert, prepare for battle.
Let the first-time customer go for more than 24 hours with a serious problem and you’ve lost him. And, he’ll warn everyone he knows.
While your attention goes to more important things like “strategy” meetings, your business is taking a huge, irreparable hit.
Handled properly, you might salvage the deal and you may even keep the customer. Still, he will secure a backup source. It will take a long time to rebuild the shattered trust.
How easy it is to be remarkable! Just pick up the phone and fix the customer’s problem. Why can’t CEOs see the obvious? Imagine how fast word would spread if a company actually provided customer SERVICE.
Shameless Promotion: It’s so easy to be remarkable in the area of customer service because most service is today is so bad. Price. Everybody competes on price. Service is just talk. Come on, let’s change this. Drop me a note and let’s get to work making your business remarkable.
Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog