Chris Reich of TeachU wants you to THINK!I would love to take a survey of this question: What is the most important thing a business owner does?

* See the PS after reading this

Often, we tend to spend the least time on the truly important and the most on those squeaky wheels in need of grease. The customer who wants it “now” but is in constant flux, the ever whining employee who always has some issue, that little stupid technical thing that hangs up for hours like the proposal that will not print, these take our time!

So what is the most important thing?


You opened your business or you are in management for a business because you are a thinking person.

The world can get pretty chaotic. When it does, we tend to start reacting instead of thinking. Business slow? Quick! Run an ad!!!! Customer unhappy? Give him whatever he wants! Boss wants a quick analysis? Throw something together! (i.e., don’t bother to analyze, just get the numbers on a pretty spreadsheet)


The ability to think is your greatest asset. Don’t neglect it. Spend time thinking.

Thinking time pays back many times over.

Are you very busy today? Feeling stressed out? Too much to do—too many critical deadlines?

Stop and think.

Pretty basic stuff really. Prioritize then look for efficient shortcuts. Not only will the important things get done but you will do them better.

I cringe inside when I see someone spend hours doing something “the hard way”. They always say the same thing, “I don’t have time to figure out an easier way! Right now, I just need to get it done.”


This is just a friendly reminder.

Chris Reich, TeachU

* PS—I’m working on a very big, complex project. After writing this, rather than stress over a deadline, I took a walk in the woods! During that walk I got a great idea that will save HOURS on this project. Yes, thinking WORKS!