I’m often asked what I consider the most important thing to learn as part of a solid business development program. That goes with, “is there a book I should read”?


One of the biggest reasons we are seeing real income decline is because real education is also declining. Our schools are not keeping pace and our kids are falling behind. The quality of education has declined.

So what should you learn?


Anything you are willing to make an effort to learn will benefit you in some tangible way. Anything.

The key is the word ‘effort’. Most won’t make the effort.

I had a CEO tell me, with more than a hint of pride, that he hadn’t read a book since college. Okay. And now you’re the CEO of this company. And this company has problems. And you’ve called me in to help unravel these problems…maybe you might read a book?

Learning is as good for you as exercise and a healthy diet.  What good will it do if you’re fit and strong at 70 but can’t remember where you parked your car? Or worse. You might not remember what your car looks like.

It’s known,proven, case closed that using your brain, learning, does produce new neurons and keeps the existing neurons functioning.

Okay, most of us don’t look that far ahead.

But there’s this: ANYTHING you learn can be applied to your work life. ANYTHING.  ALL KNOWLEDGE IS VALUABLE.

It really is. But if you are willing to read a book and want a suggestion, contact me. I can recommend something that will get your brain moving.

Chris Reich  Chris@TeachU.com