I’ve been hammering this theme for months and feel like a voice in the wilderness. FOCUS.
You MUST focus on what you do. What is the purpose of your business and what is your role in that purpose? The answer to that question must be your FOCUS.
Yes, you are bombarded by work that isn’t exactly “on point” but you cannot let the daily avalanche distract you from your primary FOCUS. If you lose FOCUS, everything unravels.
Cerebus is buying automaker Chrysler. Here’s a quote from Cerberus Chairman John Snow made the day he announced his company’s takeover of the ailing automaker:
“We think at this particular point in Chrysler’s history, there may be opportunities in the private world, the world of private investment, that create more room for growth and expansion, that allow management to focus with greater intensity on the day-to-day business of producing better cars,” Snow said.
Cerberus is buying the automaker to “allow management” to FOCUS on producing better cars? This is exactly what is wrong with American business. No FOCUS.
Snow is saying the words but I bet he still doesn’t get it—or care. Yesterday he estimated 13,000 jobs could be “shed”. Dogs shed. Cerberus will do the uninspired and cut “expenses”. Grow by shrinking. That’s the American way. Could that explain our shrinking industrial base and why we have become a service economy? 
If Snow had courage—he’s already getting credit for the courage to buy Chrysler—he would not cut away any of the company’s muscle. He would start by replacing the management team that couldn’t FOCUS on producing better cars. Next, he would tap the asset—the asset that is supposedly killing the company: the pension recipients. In that group are thousands of experienced people who would contribute for free (they are already drawing a pension). This group could offer an abundance of improvements based on years of experience.
I suggest they open an internal Blog immediately for retired and current employees to post ideas.
When the police are working a big case, what do they do? They open a tip hotline. They consider every possible tip no matter how ridiculous. Most crimes are not solved by the police. Most crimes are solved as the result of a tip.
When Cerberus starts cutting jobs it will be a crime. I wish they would FOCUS. If Cerebus wants something to cut , they should cut anything that reduces FOCUS on producing better cars.
Shameless Promotion: Your business needs FOCUS and I can help. I could help Chrysler and I could help your business. Don’t wait until the trouble starts. FOCUS now.
Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog