Seth Godin has the gall to suggest we remove righteous indignation from our “toolbox”! Can you believe that?

Imagine! The man has the nerve to actually tell other people how they ought to behave. Well Mr. Godin, if we are to cast away our very effective so-called tool that usually helps us get our way, what would you have us put in its place?

Oh, I can just hear your typical “I’m better than you” response so there is no need to reply. “Use courtesy and sound reasoning,” you’ll say. Ha! As if that ever works.

Take MY advice Mr. Godin. The only thing that works better than righteous indignation—people cower at the words “I’m offended”—is to go directly to the boss and plant little seeds about how that person is causing you so much more work with their “ideas”. Oh yes, remind the boss that you don’t mind the extra work but those “ideas” never really come to anything.

Mr. Godin, get a haircut.

Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog
[email protected]