I believe I have found what is probably the most important long range economic indicator ever charted. It’s the “Nut Factor”.

It starts with lots of UFO reports. (90’s?) Then you start to see TV shows of people ‘contacting’ the dead.  When you see rises in these two things, you know the nuts are gaining steam and things will start to decline.

Recession is right around the corner when you hear about the government cover-up of the ‘real’ 9-11 story. Expect sales of human growth hormone, bowel cleansers and male enlargement ‘supplements’ to soar. See the pattern?

When people attend town hall meetings to yell and scream about death panels—yup, Obama wants to put Grandma to ‘sleep’, you know the country is still in decline.

But when there is a huge public pushback to the President speaking to kids about staying in school—the decline is probably irreversible.

Watch for a rise in nutty, irrational thinking and you’ll know when to get out of the stock market and maybe even the country.

Right now? Nuttiness is still rising rapidly.

Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog
[email protected]