Place a clean glass on the counter next to the sink.

Now, you want that glass filled with fresh clean water. You are thirsty.

You can have a great idea for a unique way to fill the glass.

You can really want the glass to be filled.

You can pray that the glass will be filled.

You can plan how and when you will fill the glass.

You can make spreadsheets that calculate the volume of water the glass will hold.

You can draw up a task list and delegate jobs such as who will hold the glass, turn on the faucet, etc.

You can design a dazzling presentation to entice investors to pay for the water that will go into the glass.

Yes, you can do all of those things but none will fill the glass. None will slake the thirst.

The glass will remain empty until you act. Pick it up. Put it under the faucet. Turn on the tap.

Planning is important. Action gets it done.

Are you spending your days planning or acting?

Or, as Seth Godin might say, “What are you shipping today?”

Chris Reich,
FW 112 (Back and forth)