I hate it when that happens.

The latest government blunder is the best one yet. Bernanke cut interest rates 75 basis points to “prevent” recession. Prevent? We’re in it. I said 6 months ago we’d be in one by now. Look back at my Blog posts.

Cutting interest rates is not going to “head off” a recession or as they like to say now, “bring the economy in for a soft landing”. Nope, we’re on our way to deep trench from which some businesses will not return.

Look at the picture of Bernanke. Does he feel your pain or is he ashamed he didn’t scream for lending regulations when people who couldn’t qualify for a Discover Card were buying $800,000 homes? Is he taking a play out of Hillary Clinton’s play book? Cry, it’ll make you look human.

Too late for crying.

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Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog
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