In the U.S. we push our clocks ahead 1 hour on Saturday. In theory, you’re losing an hour this week. Too bad they take it away from our weekend!

Stop. Think.

Let’s make this fun.

If we are losing an hour, what if we did something really remarkable and EXCELLENT (Thanks Seth, Tom) to gain back that time?

I’ll bet if you turned off your email or at least turned off your computer’s monitor, and just used your brain for 15 minutes you could think of a way to recover an hour. I’ll bet if you tried thinking, pure uninterrupted thinking, for 15 minutes, you’d get at least one great idea.

Try it. Take a step toward EXCELLENT. Try REMARKABLE.

No time? Liar! Sacrifice 15 minutes of your lunch time or use a break. 15 minutes to change the way you do things, organize things, call somebody important and say thanks…do something.

Come on, the day is rushing by. Get on it.

Chris Reich