It’s annoying. It can cause problems. It’s disruptive. It’s rude.

Sometimes it works so that encourages them to keep doing it.

But I say there are other ways to market and it’s time to ban telemarketing.

Marketing is about getting the word out about your offering and building permission to supply more information. That is selling. Let people know you exist and what you do. Then obtain their permission to interact.

Interrupting my work day with some blather about SEO or credit reports or pencils with my name on them isn’t marketing or sales.

When that call is made, the caller has no idea what is happening at the other end. I’ve been caring for the sick, talking with a very important client or just getting through to a support line with a question I’ve had for weeks when some rude idiot calls to tell me they can improve my “Google Key Word Position”.

Look! If you are so good at marketing and improving search position, WHY ARE YOU MAKING ANNOYING COLD CALLS????!!!


Chris Reich, TeachU

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