I’m not even going put this on my normal blog format because it’s a rant. A serious rant.

Donald Trump has done more in 2 years than any previous American President. You bet. The problem is, it’s all bad stuff. And guess what, we are going to pay for Trump’s incompetence.

To be clear, I chose not to vote for President in 2016 because my conscience wouldn’t let me vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. I was happy when Trump was elected because I believe in our system. I knew that the Clinton brand of corruption is hard to root out because most of Congress benefits from the same gray areas of the law. Trump, on the other hand, is merely corrupt. Trump’s form of corruption easily translates to specific, provable crimes. We’ll get him out.

And so here we are 2 years in and it’s time to act. I’m calling on the GOP to stand up and act. We need to remove this entire administration. Pence is hopefully capable of running a caretaker government for the remaining 2 years. I could [barely] stomach our vice toady as President but so long as he doesn’t issue any pardons, I might even find some shred of respect for Mikey.

No pardons? No. The Nixon thing was completely different. After all, Nixon did a few good things and the country did need to move on and heal. With this administration, the healing would come from seeing the entire clan tried and sentenced. This would extend to a few of his cabinet members who have billed the taxpayers with outrageous and unnecessary expenses. Sure, DeVoss needs extra security because she is hated by the education community. But being a lousy and hated cabinet member shouldn’t entitle the thug to extra perks.

We can’t forgive and forget. We need to clean up our government now. Trump has far too much power for an unstable individual. We need Congress to act, act swiftly and surely.

Kavanaugh? No. That nomination needs to stop moving forward. We can’t let a criminal appoint his own judge. We’ll have to go 2 years with 8 Supremes. After all, the Constitution does not specify the number of justices required to have an official Supreme Court. (Well that was badly botched and we have Kavanough¬†on the court. Too bad.)

We need to act NOW. Trump and his family must be removed along with all of his co-conspirators. The gang needs to be prosecuted. No, I don’t mind seeing a US President go to prison if proven guilty.

Do you have the courage to stand up and be counted?

I do.

Chris Reich