Why is it so difficult to convince companies that learning time is valuable time? Smarter people do better work.
Rarely do I visit a company that has a company library. Why? You can easily start one.  Why not add a bookshelf to the break room and stock it with a few business related books? If theft is an issue, put it someplace more conspicuous. Encourage employees to bring in their magazines—any topics welcome (within reason!)
If necessary, set up a “check out” file in Excel.
As managers we always want to point that “thing” that made such a huge difference in our business. It’s the little things that add up to long term results. Think about it. Let’s say you spend $100 on a bookshelf and $200 on a starter collection of books. You’ve invested $300. If only one person leafs through one book and picks up one important new idea you’ve gained your investment back. 
If you get the right books and present this the right way you may hit the BIG thing that changes everything. It can happen. Use me. I’m here to help.
Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog