What a week. I’m helping people through mazes of data mining and presentation landmines at corporations. These people fear people with titles such as Vice President of Operations or COO or BFD.

There are small, and I mean small, business owners who try to impress clients with their titles of CEO (done it myself!) or President of their one-person kingdoms.

There are the academic titles that are supposed to impress us. Many of these are completely unknown to the public. MAFC, JD, FACC, Etc., BFD. MBA.

Okay, it’s wonderful that you have a title.

Here’s the title your customers care about. WIIFM

That’s the ONLY title your customers care about. What’s In It For Me

If you’re launching a new venture or forming a marketing plan, keep in mind that being titled nobility of your personal domain means very little to your customers.

Can you explain what they get from you in 30 seconds? If not, you will remain stuck. Get that 30 seconds right, and you immediately gain traction.


Chris Reich, Master of My Own Domain: TeachU