Partnership Dispute Resolution

Is It Ever Too Late to Talk?

When a serious dispute hits a partnership, tensions rise. This makes it hard to sit down and have a face-to-face conversation. Putting that conversation off isn’t going to make things better. In fact, you may reach a point when talking is no longer an option.

Disagreements between partners can break out at any time. Perhaps one partner spent money on something without discussing it with the other. Perhaps there is a disagreement over how much money a partner takes from the business. A common cause of partnership dispute is when there is a perceived imbalance of workload. In real terms, if one partner feels the other is making less effort, an argument will likely result. If you are in a partnership, you know that disputes can happen over any of a thousand potential issues.

It’s a good idea to calm down before starting a conversation. You want your partner to be in a calm state of mind as well. Don’t wait too long as there may be a point when it becomes too late to talk. I often am called into situations where people say “I’m done! I refuse to work with him (the partner) another day.” Once you hit that wall, it takes a lot of work to open a dialogue. Don’t wait.