Chris Reich Wants You to Pay Attention to BusinessIs it just me or is the world getting noisier? Even the internet is noisy. People are noisy. Let’s lower the volume and do some thinking.

Beeps, chirps and buzzes are everywhere. A trumpet blast tells you an email has arrived. The phone is buzzing. Some guy’s cell phone is playing a really obnoxious ring tone.

Go online to find an answer to something and there are crazy ads with images that are so obnoxious they scream for attention. Power companies hate this trick! A crazy way to save on car insurance. Mother in Ohio whitens teeth for 5 cents. Don’t eat this fruit if you want to live!

Good grief!

Democrats want to bankrupt the country Obama won’t negotiate! GOP refuses meeting. Tea Party calls for total anarchy—ok, I made that one up.


Get more business with these simple tricks! 5 ways to get more out of Google advertising. Your business must get “social” to survive! Solve every problem you’ve had by doing this!

Shut up!

Have you noticed that none of these things have any value when you read them? Noise.

Noise. Noise. Noise.

Shut up and get to work. If you write posts, have something to say of value and don’t just throw out these stupid hooks!

And please stop re-posting every damn thing you see. Please. I do not care what a friend of a friend of someone you know thinks. I hate to log into Likedin and see a stream of re-posts just so someone can have their name repeated 1,000 times per hour.  WRITE something of value.

I don’t want invitations to play games.

I don’t want tips on how to avoid blowing up my car at a gas station because “this really did happen”.

I don’t want emails about Obama conspiracies.

I don’t care what you are thinking about Jesus or Mohammad or Buddha today.

I don’t want “wisdom” from Star Trek, cartoon cats or old cartoon ladies.

I want the volume turned down. I want civility. I want productivity.

I want us to be able to work in peace, accomplish much and be paid well.

There’s my rant.

Chris Reich, TeachU