One of the hardest lessons to learn in business is that you do not want every sale, deal, project that comes your way.

Some aren’t worth the trouble. Some aren’t worth the money. Sometimes you just don’t like the people you’d have to work with.

Say no. Pass. I’m going to skip this one.

You immediately increase your value because not everybody can have you. You’re putting up the velvet rope. Sorry, invitation only.

You will do better work and therefore experience a better outcome when you’re doing work you want to do.

And, by saying no to some will free you to accept and do better with those with whom you want to work.

It’s hard to say no, sure. But you’ll feel the relief almost immediately. Why? You knew deep inside that you really didn’t want that project. Trust your instinct if you’ve been around long enough to have developed instinct.

Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog
[email protected]