United Airlines charges $50 EACH WAY for checking two pieces of luggage. Buy a round trip ticket for $400 and when you check in, pay $50 more to get your luggage on board. And when you’re heading home, pay another $50 to get your bags home. It doesn’t matter how short the flight. But a $200 RT ticket and you still pay $50 each way to check bags.

Now UAL wants to offer a subscription. Pay $250 per year and you get bring along your luggage at no additional charge. Wow, neat.

As a UAL frequent flier, I’ve seen some very poor service by UAL personnel in the past month. Very bad.

What is striking to me is that the poor service is all attitude. United people made various situations bad by their actions. Little things, easy things, quickly flared up into tense confrontations over nasty comments from United people to customers.

Of course, this starts the top. Tilton is no master of customer service. It’s a shame because United is throwing away millions of dollars daily through rotten service and coming up with schemes like this to get their hands on more money.

A sagging business can approach revenue building in two ways. They can squeeze more per customer or they attract more customers. Which do you suppose this plan attempts?

Chris Reich, Customer Service Consultant Who Could Fix United Airlines!