About a month ago I wrote an entry  about a remarkable dentist. He installed a beautiful fountain in front of his office distinguishing it from the awful, cookie-cutter buildings of Union City, California. God, this whole town looks like a Staples. You can’t tell until you’re inside a building whether they sell office supplies or Chinese food.
I was saddened to return to Union City to see the fountain gone. Stolen? Sort of. The “city” made him remove it. It just doesn’t fit with the theme of this painfully dull city. Union City needs to take a page from the football stadium’s playbook! Sell the rights to the name of the town! If you’re going to look like a staples, be Stapleville! The city could charge a big fee and require every building, including homes, to look like a staple store.
Look through my posts and find the “before” picture and let me know if the above “after” picture is an improvement.
It’s hard to be remarkable. It’s easy to be dull and boring. Union City is boring. I’ll bet they’ll happily collect the property taxes from the dentist. I’ll bet the dentist is remarkable in other ways. I know it.
Don’t give up trying to be remarkable. Don’t ever give up.
Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog