Much of the work we do is based on poorly defined goals. Someone needs a report by Friday but you aren’t sure what needs to be included. Someone wants a website change but you aren’t clear what is wanted. You try to organize a disorganized situation and are told to abandon the project.


I have seen good employees get ‘scolded’ for doing good work but not aligned with management’s idea of good work.


I have also seen businesses fail because of the tight control of incapable management.


The stresses of working in a tight economy is strangling talent. Work is painfully discouraging and morale busting when communication about goals is poor. Good people are treated as though they are plotting the downfall of the organization when they trying to make real contributions.


All good work starts with clearly defined goals. Productivity and human spirit is being crushed by managers who cannot give clear goals.


How has fear and tension taken oven the workplace? Why have we lost respect for those who do the work? What’s happening?


This awful trend needs to be reversed. Set clear goals. Communicate direction. Give recognition. Yes, you pay your employees. But a ‘thank you’ is a huge bonus that will be appreciated. If you can’t do those things, you may not be management material.


Chris Reich, TeachU