Entropy is the thing that eventually kills an old business. Even giants fall to entropy. Hostess fell to entropy!

So what is it?

In physics, we say that in a closed system, entropy always increases. If you add some hot water to cold water, there will be a place where water is hot and places where water is cold. Eventually they’ll just blend to a single temperature. Add cream to coffee—they’ll blend together becoming inseparable. You cannot “unstrir” the coffee back to coffee here, cream there.

Paint your home and eventually the paint breaks down. Your home will gradually break down too. Even a mountain is on its way down to the valley floor because of the forces of nature—entropy.

Entropy, in lay terms, is disorder. Put things in order. Entropy will pull those things to disorder.

In business, entropy hits like this. Build the perfect website. Update it now and then. 5 years from now you’ll look at it and think, “What a mess! We need a new website!”


Whenever we coast, entropy eats away at what we have built.

Coast for too long and you have to start over.

Chris Reich, TeachU.com