Let’s start by saying what leadership is NOT.

Leadership is not where you go for approval.
Leadership is not the brick wall that stops new ideas from going forward.
Leadership is not the guy who opens the meeting up for discussion.
Leadership is not the gal [sic] you have to please with your presentation.
Leadership is not the Devil’s advocate fearing ‘all’ sides of every issue.

True leadership has nothing to do with any of those characteristics. Nothing.

Leadership sets direction by inculcating a vision.
Leadership assists with course corrections.
Leadership is a magnetic force that others want to follow.
Leadership fosters greatness, creativity and courage to take risk.
Leadership never advocates for the Devil, leadership looks for the best in every idea.

Leadership takes courage.

If the “leadership” at your business requires you to obtain approval for even the smallest innovation, your business lacks leadership.

If you work for someone who claims to be a leader but fails to set a clear direction, that person is no leader.

If you work to please more than to produce, you have no leader. Should you find yourself in that position you can [must] take one of two paths.

  • Quit now and go somewhere you can flourish.
  • Begin to lead.

Quitting is scary. Leading is risky. It’s easiest to do nothing if you can live with that.

Good luck.

Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog
[email protected]