Tell me, what’s wrong with this message?

Our product will save you money! In fact, it will pay for itself in savings in just 14 months! Financing available.

Why wouldn’t people line up to get this wonder product?

People are wise to promotion.

Can a product save me a ton of money and pay for itself if I need financing to buy it?

There’s a disconnect there.

If I need a loan to buy something that will “save money”, it feels to me like the cost of acquisition is not being considered.

Buy this hybrid car for $40,000 and save $100 per month in gasoline costs! Get solar installed on your house for $30,000 and cut your electric bill in half.

No one would go for those pitches.

So why not be clear about benefits when you include lines about financing.

If I need financing to buy your product, why does that imply? Expensive.

The message needs to be more compelling.


The savings in gas alone will make the payments on your new hybrid car. Once it’s paid off, the savings keep coming! Do you think gas prices will go up or down over the next 5 years? That means your savings will grow over time!

Think about what you are telling your prospects when you present your message.

Chris Reich