When you spend on advertising or marketing (they are different things), what do you expect in return?

When you advertise for a return, you’re wasting your money. That’s a short-sighted approach. Spend $5,000, get $50,000 in sales. Great plan. But it seldom works.

If you consider a solid, interested prospect base as an asset, why not plan your advertising to build on that asset? This requires a different mindset and a totally different focus for your advertising. An ad designed to get a sale is completely different than an ad designed to create interest in you and your business.

Which is easier? Do you think it’s easier to create a buyer or a prospect from advertising? Prospect, of course. And if those prospects wish to dialogue with you? If they give you permission to engage with them, don’t you think you’ll have a better chance to sell them something? You should because you have more time and occasions to make your case.

When you advertise, build an asset. Don’t advertise to get an immediate return. Extend the goal just a bit and you’ll see much better results.

Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog
[email protected]