If your business is not doing as well as you know it could be doing, even with this economy, what’s the problem? How can you improve your business?

Start by asking yourself these questions:

Why should a prospect choose your business over the ever-growing list of alternatives?

What does the customer get from your business they will not get from your competition?

Be honest about the answers. Don’t say things like “our service is the best” or “we offer the best prices”.  The first one probably isn’t true. The second one is the fast lane to bankruptcy. 

Don’t consider anything you wouldn’t believe yourself. You know that Dotty’s in Smithville doesn’t have the world’s best cheese burger. 

Now tell me, what’s so special about your business?

When you get clear on that, shout about it. Make sure that difference is the very first thing your prospects see when they meet your business. If they come through your website, get that message up front. If they walk in the door, make damn certain they can see the difference.

This is the maker or breaker. Do or die.

If you don’t have anything that separates your business from your competitors, you must get to work, right now, on making that difference or close the doors to save yourself from a financial disaster.

There is no other choice.

Chris Reich