I try hard to stay on the topic of business on this Blog. But today, the day before the most important election in the past 60 years, I will express some things that need saying.  Purely political? No. Business has ethical and moral responsibility as well as its primary purpose of profit making.

I am conservative. I consider myself a real conservative and not part of this phony bunch who claim the mantel of Ronald Reagan. These “NeoCons” do not deserve the support. They are not conservative, they are ideologues who confuse their mixed-up religious beliefs with being conservative.

Let’s start with California’s Proposition 8. The voters of California are being asked to change their constitution to prevent gay marriage. The NeoCons are all for it. They are goose stepping behind the likes of James Dobson to the tune of Sarah Palin. The Republicans call that their “base”. Well, my friends, Sarah Palin represents what IS base about what remains of the Republican Party. As a real conservative, I’m not comfortable changing the state or federal constitution to deny anyone a right that I enjoy. You phony conservatives that cry for less government are the same lot who want constitutional changes to prohibit application of the equal protection clause of the United States Constitution. That’s not conservative.

If you believe, as I do, that God ordains marriage, you should not be threatened by state’s granting of civil unions.  This is a role the state has long played. Would you invalidate marriages performed by a judge? Your icon, Rush Limbaugh, now divorced, was married by Justice Thomas. The state certifies and binds contracts. That’s it. You NeoCons are opposing a contract. Get over your self-righteous indignation. Gay “marriage” threatens the foundation of the family no more than the culture of greed which sends mothers to the workplace.

No. Conservatives want less government. Conservatives don’t vote to restrict rights even if they don’t agree with the behavior unless the behavior is directly harmful. Directly, dummy, not “harmful” in some vague philosophical way like “this demeans the institution of marriage”.  Get over it. The American divorce rate of 50% has demeaned it sufficiently. Did you know the divorce rate of the churchy crowd is no less than the pagan liberals?

Real conservatives would not vote for John McCain. He’s willing to put the country at risk of being run by a megalomanical nut like Sarah Palin. A real conservative wouldn’t do that. She doesn’t know what the Vice President of the United States does!

Real conservatives do not support this ridiculous war in Iraq. We were sucked into it by George Bush’s lies. We have killed at least 100,000 people in Iraq who had nothing to do with 911.  Nothing.  So you phony “right to life” crowd, is the war in Iraq a war we will win? How? By killing enough people? How many is enough? There is no way out of Iraq with a happy ending. That’s what happens when a country has bad leadership. No happy endings.

Real conservatives see that Barack Obama has a fine, intelligent wife and two beautiful children. McCain is on his second family—like many “conservatives”—and Palin can’t seem to get any of her children through high school. Conservative?  What’s the matter with you people?

A real conservative is going to vote against taking away rights from anyone. A real conservative is not going to allow the govenment to waste money on a war that cannot be “won” and was started on false pretense. A real conservative is going to vote for people who live the values—not just yack and wink.

I’m not Joe Six-pack. I’m smarter than that. That’s why I’m voting no on 8 and for Barack Obama.

Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog
[email protected]