Fun. In spite of more leisure time and an abundance of toys, Americans are having less fun.
Fun has been taken from the workplace. Fun is taken out of recreation in exchange for “proper equipment and technique”. The fun in food has been replaced with diet, fiber, fear of trans fat and organic eating.
Yes, we need to work at work. We need to have proper equipment—boating isn’t fun if the boat won’t float—and we need to improve our diet.
Buy a kid an expensive toy and watch him create something wonderful from the box it came in.
Can’t we have fun? Can’t there be an element of fun in the workplace? Can’t our recreation be fun? Can’t we have fun food now and then?
Here’s a test.
Can you define fun in 10 words or less? If you can’t, you probably aren’t having any. And if you can’t define it, you certainly can’t, as a manager, bring any of it in to your environment.
Fun builds cohesion. Fun builds morale. Fun improves productivity.
Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog