Fun at Work by Chris Reich of TeachU 
It is very important that people have fun at work. Fun improves morale and brings with it a host of real benefits to the business from improved productivity to reduced turnover. But fun should not be a goal of any business.
I write often about the importance of fun at work. It’s essential to a healthy workplace. Fun, however, shouldn’t be a goal. Fun is a by product of a great place to work. Fun is a result of being able to do good work freely, have input with new ideas and receiving recognition for a job well done. Treat people with respect, invite input and give recognition and people will begin to enjoy their work. It might even slide over to fun if you let it.
That’s the key. You have get the other things in order, particularly the culture, before fun breaks out. When that happens, don’t stifle it.
Making fun a goal doesn’t work.
It’s like dieting. Setting the goal to lose weight isn’t going to work. Setting the goal to eat a better selection of foods and getting a little exercise will lead to weight loss.
Yeah, it’s like that.
Get the goals and culture right and fun happens.
What other goals are misplaced? I can think of many. Can you?
Chris Reich, TeachU